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To build world-class sites we’ve assembled a lean crew of web conversion experts and UX trailblazers. WordPress is our neck of the woods, so come with us! We’ll get you where you wanna be and show you the ropes along the way.

Meet the Fearless Crew

without’em, the minnow would be lost, the minnow would be lost

Sharon Marchand

CXO + Founder

Sharon has over a decade of experience in creative direction, UI/UX design, and full-stack development. She founded Summit XD to help marketers bridge the gap between great user experience and strategic marketing initiatives. Sharon can be found playing in Denver's backyard -- snowboarding, hiking and chasing the perfect IPA with her husband Keith and boxers Maddie and Maho.

Brian Brown

Senior Developer

Brian has been developing WordPress since pretty much the beginning. Both a frontend and backend ninja, Brian specializes in creating blazingly fast, highly custom extremely responsive websites and online applications on the WordPress platform. When he's not heads-down in code, you'll find Brian surfing behind his boat on Lake Travis, jamming to Texas live music, and hanging out with his awesome wife Laura.

David Bistline

Senior Developer

David is a software developer who specializes in creating web applications and crushing systems administration. He has a history of building highly-available, real-time interfaces that integrate data from a variety of sources as well as maintaining the systems that keep everything running smoothly. He squashes bugs mercilessly. He lives on both the backend and frontend and can be found physically in Austin.

Camron Bridgford

Lead Copywriter

Camron is a writer and editor with ten years experience in developing creative content for marketing materials, blog campaigns, and website copy. She's also a freelance journalist, specializing in investigative pieces and commentary on urban-related issues. In her spare time, you'll find Camron searching flight deals for her next international adventure, perusing the art museum, or pairing good wine with good company.

Ali Thompson

Ali Thompson

Senior Copywriter

Alexander B. Thompson’s a craftsman copywriter with a lighthearted & playful attitude able to whittle any sales pitch into a masterpiece worthy of your fireplace mantel. Chop! Chop! Chip! Chip! That’s him chopping down big ideas & carving’em down until they’ve become perfectly polished prose. Timber! He feels at home outdoors and can’t wait for the next opportunity to go camping and do a little rock climbing.

Maddie & Maho

Napping & Entertainment Crew